Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and Baby Showers!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Things went well here. Eric and I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house and we went to Eric's parents' house on Christmas Day.

On Sunday, I had Baby Shower Round 3! My sister hosted my family and friends for a beautiful baby shower!

The beautiful spread!

Opening presents!

The onesies- every one decorated one for me to take home! Such a cute idea!

Things are going well here- we went to the Doctor on Monday and he told us that this baby will likely be larger than 8 or 9 lbs since it is close to 6 lbs already and we still have a month to go! He did also say that even though it's early, if I went into labor at this point, that he would not stop it... so needless to say, I went home and packed my bag right away, just in case! Knowing me and my stubborn husband, I'm sure this baby will need to be coaxed out by induction, but we'll see! Next week, I get an ultrasound, so hopefully I'll have cool pictures to post!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time for an update....

32 Week Summary

How am I feeling?
I feel great during the day. At about 7:00 I start to peter out. I get tired and my ankles start to swell. I've increased my water intake, so I'm hoping this helps! Thank goodness it's pant weather!

How do I look? HUGE!!! (can you see my nasty stretch mark???)

Watching my entire stomach move from left to right... and back again.

What am I craving?
Just food in general!

Not really!

What do I miss?
Being able to be completely independent... carrying things... walking up and down stairs without being winded... not needing to ask for help.

What am I looking forward to?
Meeting him/her for the first time! Maybe childbirth class this weekend also- only parts of it though!

Weight gain :
+29 lbs.

Discovery of the week?

Shaving is REALLY difficult when you're pregnant! I can't bend over that far to get to my legs!

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58 Days?!?!?!

Are you kidding me? That can't be all. It seems so soon when you say 58 days! Time is flying by!

I will have an update soon- I promise!