Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exhausted... and Loving It!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus! It's funny how when blogger friends had babies and took a break in posts, I used to think that somehow I would be able to keep up with mine and promised not to do that, but here I am apologizing like a hypocrite! Anyway... life with MacKenzie is fun, and challenging, and demanding, but most of all, it's wonderful. She's absolutely perfect. I always worried about "what if my baby is ugly?" and thank goodness- she's beautiful- you know that I'm not the least bit biased!

Anyway, here is a MacKenzie picture for all of you!

I also had my announcements done... my friend Kristen did them... she's a fabulous graphic designer- if you want her email so she can do your work- let me know and I can forward it on!

We are still struggling with baby reflux- anyone have any good tips? We've got the bassinet elevated, trying to keep her upright, but any other ideas you have are greatly appreciated!

Well, time for the last feeding before bed- I promise to stay more current now!