Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's Growing Up!

Miss MacKenzie is growing up so fast! At three months....
-she's holding her up for long amounts of time!
-she's sitting in her Bumbo chair!
-she's found her fingers and thumb, and rarely uses her binky anymore
-she sleeps from 9pm-4am, eats and then goes back to bed until sometimes 9am!
-she babbles all the time! We love to hang out and talk!
-she smiles back at you when you're smiling
-she's weighing in right around 11lbs! (we haven't actually been to the doctor since her two month checkup, so this is a guesstimate!)

We are enjoying our time together.... I went back to work on April 5, so my mother in law is home with her during the day. I'm definitely meant to be a working mom. As much as I enjoy spending time with her, I need to interact with adults and feel like I'm a part of the working world! Teaching is nice though, since it provides a nice summer break to hang out with my Mackers again!

Still trying to be successful in my endeavor to be a better blogger... I promise I'm working on it, but whenever I have a free minute, I just can't help but think I want to spend it with my beautiful little peanut!