Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day Off

Today we had a snow day... it was kinda nice. I laid around most of the day, which is REALLY unlike me. I was at a meeting last night that ran really late, and I had trouble getting back to sleep after my 4:55 AM phone call, so I needed some rest (or at least that's my excuse). While laying around with Eric, we had a little tiff about our revised baby making schedule. Yeah, I'm not too excited. Apparently, the whole miscarriage really scared him and now he's really unsure of the getting pregnant in the near future! Ugh, I was hoping that being preggo once already would have made it easier. So, eh, I don't know where we stand with that.

After taking multiple naps and only doing laundry, I decided to get back on my training regimen (Broad Street Run in May!) and get my butt to the YMCA. I got to the Y, dutifully did my 2 1/2 miles, lifted some weights and came home. The good thing is I lost 3 lbs. so far since starting my little diet. I'm proud of myself and know I can do a lot better if I try a bit more (I haven't been giving it a TRUE effort!) So, back to the grind tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick myself out of the mid-winter blues. I just keep reminding myself that I very lucky to be where I am in life. I should be more grateful.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pulling It Back Together

So today was the first day I actually felt productive in a LONG while. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt like I was pulling it back together. I was able to go to the Y (my now New Year's Resolution), get some laundry done from our vacation, clean the house and get a massage (thanks for a gift card from a friend who knew how rough life can be). So, I feel a lot more together these days. Thanks goodness, because I was really getting sick of coming home to mess, going to work in a mess, looking like a mess, etc. The trend was just really annoying and not like me.

As much as all of that is helping, I still can't help but wonder, what if? We're planning on going on going to the mall tonight, and I know I'll stare into Baby Gap, maternity stores, etc and think how much I'd like to be shopping for those reasons. I know the only thing that's going to help is time, but I wish I could fast forward at this point. I'm also really scared about if I get pregnant again, how paranoid I will be.

Oh well, I guess there's not much we can do now, except wait (and lose a few pounds!) I know it'll come someday, but I'm about the worst and being patient for things I really want. Because of my go-getter attitude, if I want something, I just make it happen. Unfortunately, many times my sister has reminded me that this is not something you can just "make happen." Anyway, now that's off my chest.... haha, isn't that what blogs are for?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mexico= Wonderful

Mexico was wonderful! It was such a nice vacation from life. We were able to spend time with my family and relax. And boy, did I need relaxing. Although I'm still wishing I was pregnant, it's nice to get away once in awhile. It also helped that I was able to drink on this vacation! Here are some pictures:

Eric and I getting ready for dinner

The Beach

The hotel

View from my chair..... WONDERFUL!

I'm really tired, and I promised a date at the Y for kickboxing in the morning. It's time to start my resolution a few weeks late! Good night!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Antarctica!

Well, we're back! The trip was awesome. We had such a good time. It wasn't long enough. In 5 days, we managed to go to an underground river, parasail, and rent a jet ski, as well as get a rockin tan! So, things are good.... I can't upload pictures at work, but I will be sure to when I get home! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back On Track

I'm feeling a little bit better each day. Thank you for all of your well wishes and support. You guys really are great! I've gotten back to exercising (5 days off was making me a little mental!) and the routine of school is a good distraction. Another good distraction is Mexico on Saturday! I'm really looking forward to getting away with Eric. My sister, brother in law and my uncle are all fun, and my parents are crazier than we are. I'm sure it'll be a blast. At this point, I don't really care what I look like in a bathing suit, because I can't starve myself skinny this quick. We will simply just deal with it!

So, looking forward, it seems like we're just going to take the same plan we took before. No "trying" but not really avoiding either. It seemed to work last time, and pretty quick at that, so who knows? Maybe it'll work this time too. Of course, I'll be sure to keep all of your bloggers in the loop!

So, as if these 15* temps aren't making you feel cold enough.... think of me here on Saturday by lunchtime..... yeah, I know you're jealous.... my parents rock.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Call

Last call before I go private. If you already left a comment or emailed me, I've got you on the list. If you haven't please let me know before tomorrow night!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Such a Slow Process

Miscarriage is much different and slower than I thought it would be. It feels a lot like getting your period, but there's a lot more pain in your back and stomach. I pretty much just ache. All in all, I'm still pretty unhappy with the Dr's office giving me the run around, and I'm ready for a vacation. Mexico will be a nice break from the frustration of life right now. I'm ready for a break. I wish I had more information for all of you, but the problem is I don't really know anything else. I feel VERY misinformed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not Good....

My second betas went down.The nurse told me to expect heavy bleeding soon. I guess some things are just too good to be true! Don't worry- I'm sure I'll get pregnant some time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Bloodwork

So, I started spotting a little bit last night. I wasn't terribly worried, but after doing way too much research online, I made myself paranoid. Since we're leaving in 10 days for Mexico, I was a little worried that something might go wrong while we're not in the country! I called the Dr's office this morning and she told me that normally she would said that this is normal, but because my first appointment is for another month, she said it would probably be a good idea to see me. I got an appointment right away and the nurse said everything looked okay, but they're still having trouble figuring out how far along I am. They wrote up more lab work, and I had to go back to the lab at lunch to have the blood drawn. Hopefully we'll get results tomorrow. We also did some Rh test to figure out my blood to make sure it's going to work with Eric's blood type. So, keep your fingers crossed that everything's okay! I feel good after kickboxing and there's no more spotting, so I guess that's good sign!

Have a good night!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pay It Forward

Life is full of surprises. However, few things are 'true' surprises that we never saw coming. Here's a chance to "pay it forward" and surprise three people you may/may not know and, in return, be surprised yourself!


To play Pay It Forward, you must:

1. Have your own blog
2. You must be willing to continue to "pay it forward" by sending the first three people who comment (on your blog) a gift. It can be homemade or bought-- there is no limit to what you can give!
3. If you are someone that I surprise you must, in return, post something similar to this on your blog, so that you can pay it forward to three more people and the surprises will continue!

(For the first three people who comment, make sure I have your email so I can get in contact with you about your gift!)

Monday, January 5, 2009


I think it's time to go private. With my job and the current situation, I would prefer not to indulge my personal life to the ENTIRE world. If you want to be added to the list, leave a comment or send me an email I will leave it public for a week or so and then go private!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Okay bloggers.... deal with my mental messed-upness because you're about the only people I can tell besides my husband and family. I know I know I know. I found out on New Year's Day, but we other than the fact that I peed on about 20 of these, I don't know anything else. I went for bloodwork on Friday morning, and they said they would try to have the results by the end of the day, but they weren't in yet, so I've just kinda been waiting all weekend. I'm going to stalk that place on Monday till I get an answer.

I thought that I got pregnant in December, but according to the nurse, there's no way it would come up on a test yet according to the date of my period. So, they think that I might have actually gotten pregnant in November, and am further along than I initially thought. So, that's why they sent me for bloodwork. I'm trying to contain myself until I know anything for sure.

So, today's also Eric's birthday- Happy Birthday Love! We're going out for a nice dinner tonight, and hopefully back to relax, because if I have ONE pregnancy symptom- it's complete exhaustion!

Hope all is well for everyone else- keep your fingers crossed!