Saturday, January 3, 2009


Okay bloggers.... deal with my mental messed-upness because you're about the only people I can tell besides my husband and family. I know I know I know. I found out on New Year's Day, but we other than the fact that I peed on about 20 of these, I don't know anything else. I went for bloodwork on Friday morning, and they said they would try to have the results by the end of the day, but they weren't in yet, so I've just kinda been waiting all weekend. I'm going to stalk that place on Monday till I get an answer.

I thought that I got pregnant in December, but according to the nurse, there's no way it would come up on a test yet according to the date of my period. So, they think that I might have actually gotten pregnant in November, and am further along than I initially thought. So, that's why they sent me for bloodwork. I'm trying to contain myself until I know anything for sure.

So, today's also Eric's birthday- Happy Birthday Love! We're going out for a nice dinner tonight, and hopefully back to relax, because if I have ONE pregnancy symptom- it's complete exhaustion!

Hope all is well for everyone else- keep your fingers crossed!


Shanny said...

Yay, congrats!!!!
Happy and healthy 9 months =)

Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

CONGRATS! It is what you wanted but did not get in 2008 so that is kind of not true any more, eh!?!?!

Cannot wait to hear about your pregnancy journey (also I love those pregnancy tests - the simple ones that say pregnant or not pregnant because the line, two lines thing is just dang confusing.)


Christina said...

Yippeee! Congrats!

Chelle said...

Holy cow girl! It looks like you may have gotten your new years wish already! I am so excited for you. You will be in my thoughts while you wait for your results.


Elizabeth said...

How was it telling your parents?!!? I am still soo excited for you...CONGRATS again!

Ashley and John said...

Hi blogging neighbor!
I found you through a mutual friend (Elizabeth) and am so excited to read your news! I'll be crossing my fingers for you-- I can only imagine how happy you & your hubby are! Congratulations!!!