Monday, July 30, 2012

The Reason I Don't Have My Make It Monday Post Finished...

is because of this. 

It's 10:30 and she's now doing this.   Still not sleeping but it's better than screaming.  I wish Daddy was home tonight :(

Hope the sleep Gods are kind to me tonight.  :)

On the plus side (or the minus), the scale is back on the downward spiral.  Buh-bye fat clothes.  Hello fit and trim Mommy!  (I refuse to say bikini- because with the way my stomach looks, I don't know if I'll wear one every again without some special man-made intervention).

Nighty night (I hope!) 

But soon- you will see my Make it Monday all finished- it has something to do with this

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Momma Said There'd By Days Like This...

I couldn't get out of bed this morning.  And it's not because I worked out so hard yesterday, I was sore.  I didn't.  I am being sooooooo.  lazy.  It's not because I drank my face off at the pool last night.  I didn't.  I was a good girl.  I feel exhausted.  And today, I have a headache.  All day.  and I ate Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Wonder if that is giving the me the headache?  Maybe it's that my husband is working an insane amount this week and I haven't seen him AT ALL.  Annoying.  But such is life.  That's what I signed up for.  Momma said there would be days like this.  But yuck- can it be over already?  I made meatballs from scratch and returned things to TJ Maxx.  That's really the only decent thing I've done today.  Praying my kids will nap a little longer.  I would like to get out for a walk with him- but it's 100* with the heat index.  Ugh.

Can you sense my whiny streak?  Feel. like. crap.  I'm sure this has something to do with what I ate last night/today.  Bummer.  It was SO yum.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When Did She Grow Up??

In the car today Mackenzie asked me who the cutie was on my phone. I looked down and realized it was the singer of the songs streaming from my iPhone! Seriously?! She called a guy a cutie! When did she get so big???

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Big Boy Has A Tooth!!!

I can't believe it!!!

A Post in Bullets.

  • MacKenzie is at her Lita and Lito's house (grandparents' house)
  • I miss her
  • but I can get SO much done with only one kid in tow!  
  • I got a new license yesterday.  Yuck!
  • I ate like a bear getting ready for hibernation last night
  • I'm so ready for a few days of temperatures in the 80s
  • I reading the book Fit2Fat2Fit and I love it so far
  • This is Drew's website.  I love the before/after pictures on his FB page
  • I have been doing some curriculum work this week- that's why MacKenzie is away
  • I like going to work
  • Did I just say that?
  • I'm SO sick of the election drama
  • and it's only July
  • I didn't exercise yesterday
  • and it was PHENOMENAL
  • but I have to start sweating again today.  yuck.

Thanks for reading my scatter-brained brain- this is TOTALLY how I feel right now:
Please ignore the Edit button from my screen shot! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Not What It Seems...

Being a new mom is like college all over again.  Lots of learning about each other, drinking (milk), partying all night, and certainly NOT sleeping.  

I've been thinking a lot lately about parenting and being a mom.  Everyone knows it's not easy work, but no one knows it until you LIVE it.  And as soon as you're not living it, you forget.  This mom blogger, accurately explains things that no one says about life after birth.  Props to someone who actually wrote down what everyone was thinking.  I really hate how there are 5,000 books about pregnancy and what it's like to be pregnant. 

There are so many things that I would hope someone knows when they get pregnant.  For some people, it may change their view on pregnancy, or motherhood.  Most, it wouldn't change anything, but it would make DAMN sure for those moms to know they're not alone at 3:00am when it's dark, quiet, and they're utterly exhausted.  Here are a few things I wish someone would have told me....

10 Thoughts on pregnancy and newborns:

1.  Stretch marks are awful.  And they fade, but they don't go away.

Image from:
 Let's be honest.  This chick has an awesome stomach- EXCEPT for those stretch marks.  Yup- just accept them as a sign of mommyhood- unless you're willing to pay to get them lasered off (which I'm totally doing after I have my 4th child and my tummy tuck and I become my size 6 self again).  It's like people who lose several hundred pounds.  No matter how hard you work, you can't get rid of that skin- and in this case, no matter how rockin' your abs are- those stretch marks are your red badge of courage.  As much as I look at my stretch marks and cringe- here's a good way of looking at it:

2.  Please don't eat for two.  Okay, maybe once in awhile eat for two- but DON'T do it every day.

 Why do people tell you that?  It's all fun and games to eat whatever you want for the ENTIRE time- until that cute cherub comes out- and you still look like there are triplets stuck inside.  Not only will people wonder why the baby sucked all of the beauty out of you- but you'll feel bad about yourself- which will lead to #6 even sooner!

3.  Your house will be messy.  Get over it.
 You're not going to be able to do it all.  Your baby should be your main priority.  If you don't have help for the house or the baby- then you shouldn't have anyone in your house to judge you either!  I promise- no one cares about the dishes, laundry, or bed being made.  You'll be grateful if your sheets are covered in pee, poop or breastmilk.  I promise a shower does a lot more for the soul than a clean house.  Paper plates are helpful- and a mom, mother in law, or neighbor (or a husband with OCD- but I wouldn't know).

4.  You will probably wear maternity clothes home from the hospital.  Yuck.

 It's so not fair that you work so hard for nine months to grow this baby, give up your body (and alcohol, caffeine, bad habits, etc.) and you go home looking less than stellar.  Best advice ever- shower as soon as you feel up to it after the birth.  It'll make YOU feel a lot better.  With both of my kids- I was in the shower within 4 hours.  It made me feel awesome.  You'll feel clean enough to sleep, and greet the 4,000 guests that you can't stand really want to see in your hotel hospital room. 

5.  Breastfeeding is NOT easy (and if it is, you are SUPER lucky!)

If you are a momma who had a great first experience with breastfeeding, you are one of the lucky ones.  As someone who has dealt with mastitis twice in the 12 weeks I breastfed my first, I know it sucks. There are some nights when you just hope and pray that Daddy, grandma, auntie, the trash mad, ANYONE would wake up and feed your baby.  When you are breastfeeding- it's not an option- even if someone does get up- you have to get up and pump- fun fun!  Like milking your own personal cow!

6.  You are bound to have one nervous breakdown in the first 10 days home (only one if you're lucky).
Just know that this is okay.  And normal.  With baby #1- it was in the doctor's office when the pediatrician asked how breastfeeding was going.  The problem was that it was absolutely awful.  And I felt like I should have known what I was doing.  So, I cried.  A lot.  And anyone that knows me knows I don't cry.  Good times.  The doctor sent me home, instructed my husband to send me to bed for a good nap, and to call the lactation consultant to help.  Thank.god.for.her.  If not- I may have been playing in traffic that evening. 

7.  I call the first three weeks the honeymoon.  After that, you're just exhausted, your help leaves and life becomes your new normal- except it's not- for you anyway.

In the beginning- everyone is there to help.  And when you first come home, your baby tricks you into thinking he/she sleeps.  Disclaimer:  Your baby hasn't really been born yet.  By the end of week 1, then you'll know more of what he/she is like.  By week 2, you'll understand that babies have NO idea what night/days are and are sure that you certainly enjoy being awake when everyone else isn't.  This is when you cry/scream/beg your baby to please.sleep.for.more.than.five.minutes.  And to please stop breaking out of that swaddle.  And to PLEASE learn how to keep that pacifier in their mouth.  Thank God for this.  Saved me SOOOOOO much heartache with #2.

8.  It's okay not to know what to do.  Or what the baby wants.

You have to take time to learn from each other.  It's like you're shoved into a new house with roommates. Sometimes, you see the grunts, looks, faces, screams, and you have NO idea what that means.  Despite the moms that swear they know on Day #3 that their baby is hungry/wet/gassy, rest assured that they have NO clue either.  They're totally lying. 

9.  Babies sometimes cry- just because.

And you can cry too. They don't know why their crying too.  Plus, since they've just made their exit from your body, they're probably hormonal too.  

10.  You will be VERY jealous of your husband- or anyone else who gets to leave the house alone for several hours- for awhile. 

I know this seems like an oxymoron.  Why would you be jealous of your husband who gets to go to WORK?  Because work involves being ALONE.  QUIET.  ADULT INTERACTION.  SHOWERING.  GETTING DRESSED.  When you go to work- chances are, you won't be pooped on.  You will be able to discuss something of importance with another adult.  You will be able to leave your home for more than a walk to the mailbox.  Yup- let's be honest.  You'll be able to PEE ALONE. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Make sure you visit ASHLEY and E to see their midweek confessions!
I confess:

  • I have researched EVERY diet strategy over the last week when I should have been doing grad work.
  • I was super excited to do something different on Tuesday (go to work!) and drop my kids off at the babysitter.
  • I am secretly liking working out again.  uhoh.
  • Shouldn't I be working out instead of pinning?
  • I secretly love cleaning/organizing my kids' closets.
  • If my body wouldn't be COMPLETELY destroyed, I'd totally consider getting pregnant again- SERIOUSLY did I just say that?!?!?  My husband will KILL me if he knew this.
  •  I love pinning food that is bad for you just as much as I pin exercise quotes and workouts. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Make It Monday- Canvas Photo

Make It Monday- DIY Photo Canvas
visit Ashley at the Pollock Potluck for her Make It Monday segment! 

So, I was intrigued by THIS Pinterest post.  I LOVE canvas photos, but I REFUSE to pay an arm and a leg, when I can get a great print, throw it in a frame and save myself an easy $70.  I love photography, but I cannot spend that much money on one photo.  Anyway, when I saw this, I figured it was worth a try.  The worst I could manage would be ruining a $2.00 print from Walmart and a canvas... what the heck? So, here we go.... I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of all my supplies, but you get the point... Mod Podge.  LOVE IT, a photo canvas, some acrylic paint and a photo.  My ORIGINAL plan was to use the same size photo as the canvas, but because I apparently can't read directions, I bought a larger canvas.  I didn't realize this until I painted it black.  I promise I follow directions better than my students... PROMISE.  

Anyway- after I painted it black, I added the photo, sealed with Mod Podge (did I tell you I love Mod Podge?) and waited (impatiently) for it to dry.....

Yes- standing here waiting...

Thought since I'm waiting I should include a shot with MOD PODGE!

When it dried with coat number 1, it looked pretty good, but the sharp contrast of the corners of the photo and the black border didn't do it for me.  A quick review of another DIY blogger on Pinterest suggested sponge painting the edges dark brown or black to give it a fade (I don't know if that's what it's really called, but I'm calling it a fade).  

Final Product:  LOVE!  
Yes- that's me- with my HUGE biceps... I wish my husband didn't have lens darkening glasses... he looks like a creepy 40 something man.  I promise he's not. 

You Ate WHAT?!

After seeing some birthday photos yesterday, I had a little come to Jesus meeting with myself.  Yup, it's time.  I realize I said it was time three weeks ago, and I did sugar detox for four days, and it was HELL!!!!  Ironically, I did feel better health wise, but EVERYTHING has sugar.  To give up sugar completely was VERY hard.  So, I've modified it to an easier version that will work for me.  I have cut out processed sugar.  I REALLY like fruit, and I don't think it's bad to eat natural sugars, so I'm okay with that.  I'm really trying to stay away from refined sugar.  I realize that since sugar is in SO many things, I will not be able to do this completely, but I can stop eating Skittles like it's my job, and cut out the box of chocolate chip cookies.  I can add Stevia when baking instead of white sugar.  There are lots of small changes that will help.  I really want to do this.  REALLY. REALLY. REALLY.  So, being that yesterday was my birthday, I was realistic and knew that it would be pretty damn hard to not have a drink, or a slice of cake.  This morning, I started it right.  

Peach and strawberries for breakfast.
Chicken salad on wheat bread for lunch. 
Grilled chicken with tomatoes, baked potato and one piece of french bread dipped in olive oil for dinner.
And three M&Ms (don't. judge. me.)

Please tell me someone else has thought of this before as the perk to being sick!

I didn't snack all day!  I ate those damn M&Ms when I got back from my run (yup, you heard, I ate right AND ran- who'd of thought?!!?)

Think I can make it two days?  Perhaps- the real test will be if I can make it two days WITHOUT killing my kids!  :)

No... my kid doesn't REALLY wear glasses- she's totally rockin' my four-eyes like she belongs! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birthday Let Down

Yay!  Happy and Hot!!!

Is it too much to want your house immaculate on your birthday?
Is it too much to want your kids to stop whining on your birthday?
Is it too much to want your husband to be home on your birthday (so he can watch the kids)?
Is is too much to want it to only be 90* instead of 105* on your birthday?
Is it too much to want to be skinny on your birthday?

I'm feeling like a selfish brat today.  Yes, I have some very nice new gifts, on which I'll post later (when I'm not being a drama queen) but I feel like complaining, and then having someone watch my kids for the rest of the day so I can clean, exercise and get a mani/pedi.  Seriously, is that what my life has come to?  Yuck. 

Time to get over it (or get under my caloric intake).

Make It Monday (on a Saturday...)

Okay- give me a break.  It was the fourth.  I was being lazy at the beach and I forgot to post!  But I did really do my Make It Monday!  Anyway... I decided to do this and this for my post.  I figured even though they are two separate projects, I did them on the same day, and they are similar, so it should only count for one!  

So, I went to Michael's and they were having a sale.  Love when that happens and I haven't planned it!  Anyway, I picked up some shadow boxes.  I still wasn't really sure how I was going to decorate them.  I'm creative, but I don't really have the artistic follow-through.  So- I decided to buy some of the foam letters.  They're pre-shaped, different colors and if I messed up, I could peel them off and throw them away!  
Shadow Boxes and Kid Stuff (right from the shoeboxes where they were stored!)

Then, I selected the letter colors that I needed and measured how to best present them in both boxes (this took WAYYYY longer than expected!)
Looks like they letters are getting bigger- but they're not- I was trying to take a picture with a baby on my hip!

Then, I placed all of the things out before gluing and pinning.  

I still needed to pick up photos from Wal Mart, so they get added at the end!

 Final product was pretty impressive, especially for my not so artistic self!   When I finished these, I was inspired to do the memories box.  I don't scrapbook, so I always feel bad throwing away momentos from games, shows, museums, etc.  This is a nice way to collect them.  I think I'll try to fill a box each year.  (Who knows if I'll really be able to keep up with that!)

This was the finished product:
Add stick on letters- and you're done!