Saturday, July 7, 2012

Make It Monday (on a Saturday...)

Okay- give me a break.  It was the fourth.  I was being lazy at the beach and I forgot to post!  But I did really do my Make It Monday!  Anyway... I decided to do this and this for my post.  I figured even though they are two separate projects, I did them on the same day, and they are similar, so it should only count for one!  

So, I went to Michael's and they were having a sale.  Love when that happens and I haven't planned it!  Anyway, I picked up some shadow boxes.  I still wasn't really sure how I was going to decorate them.  I'm creative, but I don't really have the artistic follow-through.  So- I decided to buy some of the foam letters.  They're pre-shaped, different colors and if I messed up, I could peel them off and throw them away!  
Shadow Boxes and Kid Stuff (right from the shoeboxes where they were stored!)

Then, I selected the letter colors that I needed and measured how to best present them in both boxes (this took WAYYYY longer than expected!)
Looks like they letters are getting bigger- but they're not- I was trying to take a picture with a baby on my hip!

Then, I placed all of the things out before gluing and pinning.  

I still needed to pick up photos from Wal Mart, so they get added at the end!

 Final product was pretty impressive, especially for my not so artistic self!   When I finished these, I was inspired to do the memories box.  I don't scrapbook, so I always feel bad throwing away momentos from games, shows, museums, etc.  This is a nice way to collect them.  I think I'll try to fill a box each year.  (Who knows if I'll really be able to keep up with that!)

This was the finished product:
Add stick on letters- and you're done!

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