Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Post in Bullets.

  • MacKenzie is at her Lita and Lito's house (grandparents' house)
  • I miss her
  • but I can get SO much done with only one kid in tow!  
  • I got a new license yesterday.  Yuck!
  • I ate like a bear getting ready for hibernation last night
  • I'm so ready for a few days of temperatures in the 80s
  • I reading the book Fit2Fat2Fit and I love it so far
  • This is Drew's website.  I love the before/after pictures on his FB page
  • I have been doing some curriculum work this week- that's why MacKenzie is away
  • I like going to work
  • Did I just say that?
  • I'm SO sick of the election drama
  • and it's only July
  • I didn't exercise yesterday
  • and it was PHENOMENAL
  • but I have to start sweating again today.  yuck.

Thanks for reading my scatter-brained brain- this is TOTALLY how I feel right now:
Please ignore the Edit button from my screen shot! 

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