Monday, January 16, 2012


I read this blog post from one of my mom blogger friends and it made me sick.....

If you want to sign the petition to allow Amelia to have the transplant, please click here.

It makes me sick that things like this still go on in 2012. No one should be allow to choose whether or not to save a child because of his/her quality of life.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Camden Aquarium

Today, we took the kids to the Camden Aquarium! (well, really Mackenzie since Mason just slept the ENTIRE time!)

We had a great time- saw lots of fish, sharks, penguins, seals, and Mackenzie even touched a stingray! :)

My in laws live near there, so we met them for dinner. A great day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clean Basement Therapy!!!

So yesterday was mission: clean basement. All in all I'd say it was successful even though I have a heaping mound of crap in my garage. There are things that need to be thrown out, donated or sold at consignment.

Does anyone else feel like cleaning is therapy!? Since I've been on maternity leave and had a little more time for projects I've gotten rid of so much junk. Things we don't need, things I don't know why I bought, clothes that don't fit or don't look right. It's ALL gotta go! Very therapeutic. I didn't think at 27 you could have so much shit but apparently I've managed to collect it!!

Before a after photos with trash and donations in the garage:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Operation Clean Basement!

Operation Clean Basement begins today! Thankfully, I recruited my mother in law to come help. Eric's in charge of the rugrats. It's a VERY overwhelming task, considering there is SO much crap, and it's not organized at all. Lately, I've been in a getridofeverything! mood, so hopefully I'll be able to part with some crap, ahem, stuff. I don't care if I have to sell it, donate it, or just throw it out, but it's not going back in that basement!

Pictures and an update to follow.....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Fig!

Happy birthday to the crazy, fun loving, best daddy and husband out there!

P.S. Your wife is the best for hooking you up with this Sweeet Flyers winter classic jersey! :)

Love you!

I'm STILL alive!

Can you believe it? I'm still here- even though I took nearly a year and a half off. And shame on me for doing it. I wish I had documented those oh so great days of Mackenzie's but life got in the way. I promise it won't happen with the duo. So, my first resolution of 2012 is to BLOG more! I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs, so why would I not continue with my own? It was so nice to look back on Mackenzie's pregnancy and compare to it with Mason's, so I know will look back again someday and be happy for these memories. So without further adieu, here are this year's resolutions:

1. Blog more- Why would I NOT blog about these two????

2. Financial responsibility- looking at the Dave Ramsey way of doing things. Another blogger friend, Jen, wrote a really inspiring post about Dave Ramsey and I've heard of him before, so it's work trying. Hubs and I have some debt to get rid of, and I'm sick of this burden on my back. We'd like nice things, like a new car and a bigger house someday, so it's time to get rid of the debt and start saving. We're very good at saving for things like our retirement and our kid's college, but we don't save in the day-to-day scheme of things. Not.Good.

3. Photo a day- see this link- this is the best way (along with blogging) to document my life (especially my kiddos!)

4. Lose this baby weight! I'm taking it easy on myself here since Mason is only 7 1/2 weeks, but I don't feel good in my skin or about myself when I'm not close to my normal weight, so I joined Weight Watchers again, and my blogger friend Jaime started a facebook group for several women (mostly moms) who are looking forward to a New Year and a New You! That's a great way for me to think about it. I don't need to look the way I did when I was 20 (that will NEVER happen), but I'd like to be proud of my mom body and rock a bikini again someday (okay, I have stretch marks, but maybe at least look REALLY hot in a tankini!)

So there- it's in print. I have to stick to it now- yes?