Friday, January 9, 2009

Such a Slow Process

Miscarriage is much different and slower than I thought it would be. It feels a lot like getting your period, but there's a lot more pain in your back and stomach. I pretty much just ache. All in all, I'm still pretty unhappy with the Dr's office giving me the run around, and I'm ready for a vacation. Mexico will be a nice break from the frustration of life right now. I'm ready for a break. I wish I had more information for all of you, but the problem is I don't really know anything else. I feel VERY misinformed.


Ashley and John said...

thinking of you!

Shanny said...

You are in my thoughts Kelly. I'm glad you'll have Mexico to at least get away from all of this. Hope your Dr. gets in touch with you to clear up any confusion. Hang in there.

Christina said...

Oh no... no, no, no! I *hate* that this is happening to you.

If you have questions, I'd love to help. Send me an e-mail?

ChristinaWeedon @ yahoo dot com

I'm so sorry :o(

Chelle said...

I'm sorry sweetie. I've been thinking a lot about you this weekend. I hope you are feeling better.