Friday, January 23, 2009

Mexico= Wonderful

Mexico was wonderful! It was such a nice vacation from life. We were able to spend time with my family and relax. And boy, did I need relaxing. Although I'm still wishing I was pregnant, it's nice to get away once in awhile. It also helped that I was able to drink on this vacation! Here are some pictures:

Eric and I getting ready for dinner

The Beach

The hotel

View from my chair..... WONDERFUL!

I'm really tired, and I promised a date at the Y for kickboxing in the morning. It's time to start my resolution a few weeks late! Good night!


Shanny said...

It looks so great!! Glad you were able to drink, I can't wait for when I can finally have one again, I so need it. The hotel looks beautiful, Yay for a wonderful and much needed vacation!!!!

Ann Katherine said...

not sure if you are going private- but i would love to be added to your blog list if i can!

Ashley and John said...

looks amazing- hope you guys had a wonderful time! :)