Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beach Post!

Sunday, we left for the beach for a couple of days. It was a nice anniversary getaway! We forgot our cake- so we had to compromise with regular dessert after dinner. :( Anyway, Monday was not a very good beach day, so we went to the Ocean City Boardwalk and spent the day there. It was very fun! I felt like a little kid again! On Monday night, we met Eric's parents in Atlantic City for some shopping and dinner. It was nice to see them (we don't get to see them that much during the summer) and get some great back to school shopping done at the outlets (considering NOTHING will fit!)

Tuesday, we spent most of our morning here.....

It was SO relaxing! We had to leave on the earlier side because I had to come back to a meeting and prepare for classwork due on Wednesday, but after napping at the house, I took some pictures of the view before heading home!

View from my parents balcony:
That's the bay right there! We really wanted to kayak, but we just didn't have enough time! So, it'll be the top of our agenda for our next visit, which hopefully isn't too long away!

Busy day today, meeting with financial planner, tutoring, and then an ultrasound to see Little Fig today! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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Ashley said...

What a beautiful place to stay! Glad ya'll had a good time :)