Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling Pregnant

I'm definitely feeling more signs of pregnancy as I go along.... day after day, usually within an hour of eating, I feel like I could throw up at any given moment.... not a great feeling, but we have to eat, right? I've been sticking to small meals, but I feel sick anyway, so whatever. At least I was smart enough to start taking my vitamin before bed... that was making my day miserable.

But I guess other than that, things are going well.... giving up alcohol is difficult. Not because I like to be drunk, but to have a beer or a glass of wine whenever is a nice treat. Water is just so.... boring sometimes!

Anyway.... all in all, things are good. I go back to the doctor on July 6. Hopefully we'll have some new information then!
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Rolling Off The Edge... Together said...

Agreed on the prenatal vitamin. I still took mine in the am because I would forget otherwise. I actually did not take a prenatal my 2nd pregnancy during the first trimester but opted for a regular multivitamin. It did the trick in terms of calming my tummy and I still got what I needed vitamin wise.

Hang in there this phase really does pass quickly. Just stick to the bland stuff and try not to worry about "healthy". Crackers, bread, whatever you can enjoy that will not make you sick. I was never a super sickly person so I do not have much. Odd things made me sick like the mere though of onions during my 2nd pregnancy - gaw I still gag a little when I think of them!!

The hardest thing for me to give up was coffee in my first pregnancy. The 2nd baby I just kept drinking my little cup each day. Both babies were totally fine with and without the coffee.

YEAH YOU!!! Cannot wait for the updates - do not forget to take belly shots!!

Chelle said...

When I was pg and feeling a little woosy I found that PreggiePops from Motherhood helped me. I wasn't a fan of sour before being pg, but I sure was during that first trimester. I just got the little lozenges. I heard the ginger ones are way nasty, so stay away from those.

Give the sour ones a try and see if it helps. :)

Shanny said...

OMG I so totally missed your pregnancy post, congrats!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Feeling your pregnancy is a good thing. The doctor told me that the more I felt it the less chances I had of miscarrying...so puking is a GOOD thing =) I know it is hard but it does pass. Before you know it it will be over!