Monday, June 15, 2009


So, I went back to the doctor today for a followup ultrasound. They just want to make sure everything's okay because of my past history. It was cool to see how much changes in one week. The little blip on the screen looks like a lima bean now and we were able to see a heartbeat! It was pretty cool. No pictures today, but still awesome to see the beating right there on the screen. The doctor also said that usually when you see a heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage drops to less than 5% after that.

I got back to the Doctor on July 8 for my first "real" visit. They'll work up all of my paperwork and get everything in order. Looks like things are good!

Keep your fingers crossed! :)
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Chelle said...

Yay! That is so awesome. Wasn't it out of this world to hear that little heart beat? I am so happy and excited for you. :D

Elizabeth said...

So glad that things are going well for you!