Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Weeks!

15 Week Summary

How am I feeling?
I feel great most days, although yesterday I felt very dizzy and tired. Thank goodness I woke up feeling better today!

How do I look? I feel just fat right now! Here's my 15 week picture:

I'm hoping to feel the baby kick soon- the baby books say possibly in the next couple of weeks!

What am I craving?
Today all I wanted was soup- of course on one of the hottest days of the year!

Mexican food, anything with a strong scent.

What do I miss?
A beer now and then!

What am I looking forward to?
Looking pregnant!

Weight gain 4.0 lbs.

Discovery of the week?

I better buy some more maternity shirts or I may never have ANYTHING to wear!

I have an ultrasound tomorrow for my fetal growth study participation. Maybe we'll get another movie!


Ashley said...

Lookin' good! Can't wait to see the next video! :)

Shanny said...