Tuesday, September 1, 2009

17 Week Update

17 Week Summary

How am I feeling?
Still feeling pretty good, but I really have to pace myself when I eat!

How do I look? Starting to look more and more pregnant every day. I think I've popped! I only have one pair of non-maternity shorts that I can still squeeze into!

I'm hoping to feel the baby kick soon- the baby books say possibly in the next couple of weeks!

What am I craving?
Spaghettio's, Spaghettio's and more Spaghettio's

Nothing really.

What do I miss?

What am I looking forward to?
Finding out the sex (although we will have to wait at least another 20 weeks!)

Weight gain I dropped 1.5 lbs at my dr's appt... this means I'm back to 3.5lbs. I have a feeling the scale will continue to rise at my next appt though!

Discovery of the week?

Trying to dress for work in the few maternity clothes I own really sucks!

My 20 week ultrasound is tonight. Eric cannot go because he can't get out of work, so I'm taking my mom! Hopefully I'll come home with some pictures! We'll have to remind the ultrasound tech that we're not finding out the sex!
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Rebecca said...

Too cute! Spaghettios? Really? Haha...enjoy your time!

Elizabeth said...

I thought there for a second that you were going to cave and find out the sex! haha. Def. worth the wait....it is hard but way worth it! THe belly is cute but just wait =)