Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Still Alive!

I know, I know... I'm in trouble with my bloggers. Sorry! If you're not a teacher, remember what the beginning of the school year is like?!!?!? Absolute CHAOS! My class is great- but it has been a LOT of work. I moved classrooms yet AGAIN and have taken on a whole bunch of extras. This is all okay, but working two jobs and being pregnant don't really help.

The beginning of the school year went off without a hitch, back to school night went great, my parents were really supportive of my pregnancy (which I was a little leary about), and I'm taking 6 credits this fall (working toward that Master's +30 raise!). So, needless to say, breathing time is at a minimum.

I wrote a grant last year for a SMART board. If you're not familiar, they are interactive whiteboards. The kids absolutely LOVE using it in class. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but it's a really great resource for classrooms. Not only can you interact with the board, but you can save, print and add web resources all in one place! It pretty much takes away the need for an LCD projector, TV and overhead! The hard part is that it requires a lot of prep outside of the school day. Your lessons have to be completely planned which can sometimes be hours of work (but are worth it if your kids are sucking in the knowledge!)

So, not much else is new... working on getting my 20 week update done for you! I promise I will not go astray for awhile- I have to MAKE blogging time! Give me until Tuesday for an update (I have class tomorrow night!)

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
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Chelle said...

Be sure to take some time out for yourself too. I hope things calm down a bit now that you're into the school year.

Kalee said...

Wow, you sound busy! Make sure you take some time to breathe and put your feet up!

I always loved the beginning of the school year when I was in my elem. ed. classes. Working in a lab school the only negative thing was the parents (usually professors at the college) who were a bit pushy and wanted their kids to be perfect.