Tuesday, September 22, 2009


21 Week Summary

How am I feeling?
Still feeling pretty good- but tired after working all day!

How do I look? I definitely look pregnant now! There's a belly for sure!

In the last two weeks, I really started to feel the baby kick. It was slow at first, but now, it's whenever I'm sitting down or laying in bed at night!

What am I craving?
Anything I can fit in my mouth!

Not really!

What do I miss?
I miss laying on my stomach!

What am I looking forward to?
Starting on the nursery!

Weight gain :
Who knows? I go to the dr next week. I think I'll probably be up about 7 or 8 lbs overall.

Discovery of the week?

I REALLY need to get a body pillow!!!!

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Shanny said...

Wow time is flying!!! You have an adorable bump =)
So cool that you are feeling the kicks!

Elizabeth said...

Yes you do, body pillows are the best. I still use mine =)

Chelle said...

Body pillows are the best during pregnancy. I had two, one for each side. That way I didn't have to drag the pillow with me when I switched from one side to the other. I actually found I can't sleep without it now that I'm not pg.

Kalee said...

What an adorable little baby bump! I have heard that body pillows are a must have, and when you're pregnant, comfortability is key!