Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time for an update....

32 Week Summary

How am I feeling?
I feel great during the day. At about 7:00 I start to peter out. I get tired and my ankles start to swell. I've increased my water intake, so I'm hoping this helps! Thank goodness it's pant weather!

How do I look? HUGE!!! (can you see my nasty stretch mark???)

Watching my entire stomach move from left to right... and back again.

What am I craving?
Just food in general!

Not really!

What do I miss?
Being able to be completely independent... carrying things... walking up and down stairs without being winded... not needing to ask for help.

What am I looking forward to?
Meeting him/her for the first time! Maybe childbirth class this weekend also- only parts of it though!

Weight gain :
+29 lbs.

Discovery of the week?

Shaving is REALLY difficult when you're pregnant! I can't bend over that far to get to my legs!

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Ashley said...

too cute! what a pretty little belly! and stretch marks from a baby are the most beautiful signs of love. :)

Elizabeth said...

You look great!!! There is NO way you have gained 29 lbs, dont believe it!

Tara said...

Hey if you only have one stretch mark then you're golden in my book!