Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is It That We Hate What We Have?

I am a believe that the grass is ALWAYS greener.  Who doesn't want what they can't get/afford?  But, I don't know what I want.  So, I'm thinking another job would help take my mind off the current frustrations AND help the financial burden at home- yes?  BUT.   big.fat.but.  I seriously do not have time to be running around and doing something else- so this brings on a whole set of new problems.  Who will watch my kids?  Does paying them to watch them defeat the purpose of said second job?  Will I have new mom guilt about spending even LESS time with the cherubs?  

Oh I don't know.  And I'm STILL looking for the manual for life.  How do I navigate the flow chart?  

I think this is just what it is.  Until my kids are grown, can take care of themselves, and I can retire with the $500 million powerball winnings.  Hahaha.

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Rebecca said...

Just read your comment and now your blog. I want to read more and comment on your struggles b/c *of course* I have an opinion, but have to run to tutoring...will do later. Promise!