Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favorite Things

FYI- before I start talking about food, I MUST introduce my favorite Christmas Candle:
And it's not because I'm married to a Puerto Rican guy and I love all things Spanish, but I LOVE Feliz Navidad. Not too cinnamony (Is that a word?) and provides a YUMMY smell in my house!

Okay.... now on to food:

First, I made fudge..... YUMMY!!!

These are the ingredients I used:

I can't believe that this disgusting mess made WONDERFUL fudge!
Miss Sadie taking a nap while I'm hard at work in the kitchen!

The finished product:Now- on to Chex Muddy Buddy Mix!

First, I took all of the topping indegredients and melted them in the microwave.
Then, you add them to your Chex cereal.

Mix 'em up! I used my hands. It was a little messy, but it got the job done a LOT easier!
Then, you put the mix in a bag with powdered sugar and SHAKE it up!
Then, I layed it all out on the counter to cool.
My husband told me it looked nasty, but once he tried it, he was addicted.

See- I CAN cook! (er- well..... bake..... I can do SOME things!)


Chelle said...

That looks so awesome. I shouldn't have read this post because now I want to make the chex mix. Stupid gestational diabetes!

Shanny said...

Looks yummy!