Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend was VERY busy! On Friday night, I went to my friend Elizabeth's house. She sells Sabika jewlery so I went to look at their new spring stuff and the awesome fall stuff that was on sale! After making my purchase and getting a tour of her BEAUTIFUL home, I was shocked to see some high school friends I hadn't seen in a LONG time! I stayed for a glass of wine (or three) and then went home. It was so nice to catch up, see people (and their cute babies!) and relax! Let me know if you're interested in Sabika and I'll hook you up with Elizabeth!

On Saturday, I had to complete my long run for my Broad Street run training. So far, the runs aren't actually THAT long (only 4 miles), but for me, that is FAR! I ran at the Y on the track, so it wasn't as boring as the treadmill, but I was shocked how well I did. I guess all of the running I have done so far has paid off!

After the Y, I got a quick shower and went to Amy's house for Ellen's bridal shower. I used to work with Ellen when I got my first teaching job in Delaware. She's getting married at the Coast Guard Academy in July. It'll be one of the 6 weddings we have this summer! So, here's a picture of her sitting in the "hot seat".

After I got home, we had to run off to a surprise birthday party for our friend Stephen. I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera at Amy's (I had to go BACK to Delaware this morning and pick it up). The party was a BLAST! We were playing drinking games from college and loved the Mardi Gras theme (this was the only way to keep the secret from him!) Now, today, we're just relaxing and hanging out since it's crappy and cold outside. A busy, busy weekend, but fun!

Hopefully these next couple of weeks will go fast so spring will be here!
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Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a good weekend. It was great to see you. Thank you for the little plug =) I would love to talk to ANYONE that wants to know more about Sabika and hosting a show!!

Chelle said...

What a fun weekend! Buying jewelery is always fun too.

I am totally pining for spring! I am so ready for everything to turn green. All of our spring birds are back, and I LOVE it.