Sunday, March 1, 2009

FABULOUS Long Weekend!

So, guess who has a snow day tomorrow? I'm really looking forward to it! There are a couple of things on my agenda:
1. organizing a coupon binder (because I was inspired by Christina and from watching a woman on the news who had a $240 grocery bill and got it down to $0.47! Now, I know I won't get mine that good because she spends a GREAT deal of time looking for deals, but I do hope to save some cash!

2. working on my mini-business opportunity putting together movie slideshows. When I finally get the digital edit uploaded- I will put my youtube video up- but for now- just envision a slideshow movie set to music for special occasions, weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc.

So, we'll see how much I accomplish, but for now, my goals are set high! Hope everyone has a night, warm night!


Elizabeth said...

I use coupons but I def. have not gotten a bill that low. I really try to save between 40-50% though! The big thing is only buying what you need. A lot of people will get something because they have a coupon. If you still have to spend some money, dont do it unless you need it!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Did you have a delay today as well?

Chelle said...

I have a friend who actually got $50 back after her coupons. No joke! I want to get paid to shop!