Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I want... I want... I want...

and I'm probably not going to get it.  And even as kids... we sometimes learn the hard way.  I REALLY want this house.  

I know- awesome, right?

It does like perfect and nice- I promise you it's NOT.  But, even though the current owners smoke in it, do not take care of it, and it needs work, I know it's the perfect place to settle with my family.   The price tag is modest for a house of this size with 5 (YES, FIVE) bedrooms.  But it's a little.little.little bit out of our reach.  The monthly payments are probably not going to be the problem.  It's the fact that we need serious cash for closing costs and some initial repairs (who doesn't have working kitchen appliances and can still live in a house?!).  We don't have lots of liquid cash.  We aren't really prepared to move, which means we were squirreling money away (even though we should be).  So, maybe this is the kick in the pants we need to start preparing.  For another house (insert whining and tears here). 

If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, right?  Try telling that to a mom who probably wasn't told no enough.  Or my two year old.  Ugh.

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