Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've been feeling tired lately.  I use a Fitbit, which is a digital pedometer.  They also have awesome customer service and replaced my fitbit when I broke it.  That's my sales plug!  :)  Anyway, it has a sleep tracker function that detects motion and senses your sleep.  I used it last night because I haven't in awhile, and I wondered how the sleeping thing was going.  Enter this nightmare:

Awful, awful picture of sleep.
So, I guess this explains why I'm tired?  I know, I know, I have an infant.  Who is teething.  But HE SLEPT LAST NIGHT!  This is me, trying to get some sleep, without any babies in my bed.  Without anyone crying in the middle of the night.  Without an alarm.  Without any nonsense.  Seriously?  8 hours in bed and 4 hours of sleep?!?!  That's awful.  I need to find a way to improve.  No wonder I'm not losing weight quickly.  You need sleep to have an effective metabolic rate.  Wow,  I just sounded really smart.  I don't really know much more than the fact that sleep does wonders for losing weight.  And I am not sleeping.  Damnit.  Time to find me some sleep aids.  Perhaps more wine at night? 

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KDiddy said...

Yay more wine! Boo sucky sleep. Time to see the Dr.