Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sorry I have been MIA. After we got Sadie, we've been super busy with her and other stuff. Sadie's coming along well. She's still working on getting her house trained which is a feat in itself, but it's coming along. Last week, on Friday, we had our read a thon sleepover. It went VERY well, but I was SO tired on Saturday. I felt like I had a hangover with a terrible headache and exhaustion. So, Saturday, I didn't do a whole lot of everything. On Sunday, I helped my mom finish cleaning out my grandmother's house and picked up my wedding video. It came out really nice! We spent the better part on Sunday afternoon/evening watching the video and making fun of ourselves!

This week is conference week. That means that the kids have half days and we have conferences all afternoon. It's nice to have a half day of school, but it's stressful to have conferences all afternoon. Just one more day!

I'm pretty psyched that my high school friends will be home tomorrow to go out tomorrow night. I am not sure if I can hold my own alcohol wise anymore, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Well, I better get this day started since I've been at work for a half an hour already and haven't done a thing!


Shanny said...

I'm so glad Sadie is coming along well with the house training. Lots of patience dust for you =)

Its so nice to reminisce watching your wedding video, isn't it? You see things you had no idea happened that day, well I did anyway. Have fun with your high school friends!!!!

Rebecca said...

Training a dog is so hard...I give you lots of credit at this time in your doggie life!

I love my wedding video too except that it showed me that I shouldn't dance in public...or while drinking...I think I'm much better than I am!

The county that I used to work for had conferences this week too...can't say I missed that! You made it through though!!!