Friday, November 7, 2008


So, I think we've agreed to rescue. We spent some time on Petfinder and found two shelters around here. We've submitted our applications to them and just waiting to hear. There is a dog that we like right now, and her name is Lily. We don't know if we'll get her, but it's worth trying. She's a beagle mix. Although I think Eric still wants a big dog, I just don't know if our townhouse can handle it. I'm not worried about the size, because our townhouse is bigger than some people's single family homes, but because we don't have much of a yard, it might be an issue for a big dog.
I will post a picture later!


Elizabeth said...

YAY, how exciting!! I thought it was a Christmas present, haha! Good luck with it all

Ally said...

Oh I'm sooo excited that you are rescuing a doggy in need :) Yay! I hope you get her!

Elizabeth said...

Kel, if the rescue thing doesn't work out let me know. I saw a sign out my way for black lab puppies, they will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday. I called the man and talked to him, they are AKC and have all their shots. He is asking 400 but def. sounded like he would take less. If you need the info. on them let me know! Good luck with all of this.