Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cozy Sunday!

Well, we've had Sadie for more than 24 hours now. She's a great dog. She's really mellow, especially for all the craziness she's gone through in the last day! First, we had the appointment at the shelter on Saturday morning. We had purchased tickets to the Brian Regan (comedy) show in Atlantic City months ago and we didn't want to cancel our trip, so we just assumed that worst case scenario that if my parents wouldn't let us take her to their beach house that we would just leave her with my uncle. Besides, we didn't even know if we would come back with a dog! I took my uncle with me to the rescue since Eric had to work.

So we arrived and went back to the barn where the puppies were. There were about 10 puppies and we were looking for Sadie (Greta) as we had seen in the photos online. She didn't really look the same as her coat was lighter in person than it was in the photos so I didn't know it was her at first.

After we found her, we took her out to play a bit and I was shocked at how calm she was for a puppy. She doesn't bark, doesn't pull on the leash a lot, and isn't super jumpy. I was happy about ALL of this. So, we decided to go with her. I made my donation and we headed out. After that, I proceeded to confuse her for a VERY long time. We first stopped at the club so that Eric could meet her. He was in love right away. After that, we stopped to drop off my uncle and took his dog and Sadie on a walk. After that, we stopped at my sister's so everyone could meet her. She was very good around all of the other dogs.

Finally, we arrived home, but only for two hours before heading to the shore. We packed up all of her stuff and my parents agreed to let her come with us because we promised she would be crated when we weren't home. I think my dad secretly liked her although I know he'll never admit it.

She was awesome in the car, she just slept the whole way. We took her for a long walk, she walked right into her crate and we left for the Borgata. We came home a VERY long time later and she had a little accident in her crate, but finally ate her food. She didn't seem to freak out either.

We came home this morning and stopped by my other uncle's house because he wanted to meet her. Then we took her to PetSmart to get a doggie tag. Now she's officially named. We slept on the couch for awhile and went to Applebee's for dinner. Now, we're home in our jammies cuddling on the couch! I think we're officially home bodies now!!!

Well, that's all for now, I'm off to iron and do laundry for the week! Have a great night!


Chelle said...

I'm so glad you got such a wonderful pooch. There really is nothing in this world like a good dog. Enjoy her!

Rebecca said...

She is so cute! Any idea what breed she is?