Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ONE positive!!!

Yeah, not a preggo test...... I wish!

But, we got a reply from one of the rescues! La Mancha Rescue approved our application and said we can make an appointment to come look. Unfortunately, the dog Eric really wants, Lily, is at the other rescue. I might force him to go look at other dogs, just to look. Who knows? Sometimes the cutest dogs are annoying and the best dogs are the ugliest ones in pictures.... so we'll see. We have to wait until he gets home tomorrow night to talk about it.

I'm super excited (I never thought I'd be that way). Although I'm not a HUGE dog person, it's only because I don't want the responsibility. If we get one now, Eric will be home to train it with his work schedule.

We'll see....


Shanny said...

Yay, that's so exciting!

I hope Eric decides to go check this place out and that you guys find the perfect doggie =)

Elizabeth said...

That is very true...a dogs personality is much more important that then looks. Good luck and keep us posted!

Rebecca said...

Congrats...we have a cute dog that is annoying...you're right about the types of dogs! Yeah...look around...you never know!

PS - My husband said he would train our Brie and I ended up doing all of it...she only listens to me now!