Monday, June 25, 2012

Make It Monday!

This week, I decided to remove the wax from a cool jar candle.  But... I didn't take a picture of the candle before. This is what the candle look liked before.
Like the greenish candle in the front!

I liked the jar, but any other time, I would have thrown it in the recycle bin because it has junk in it!  NOW- I know how to fix it!  This pin may be the saving grace of my bathroom!  :)   So- I started cleaning it out (and even though I have an iPhone- I failed  to take pictures!)- and here is the finished product:
Finished product with cotton balls!  

Now- I just want to go buy more candles so I can re-purpose then when I'm finished!  Don't forget to check out Ashley's Make It Monday Post!!!

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