Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mason- 7 Months

Oh, Mason- I can't believe 7 months (and 8 days) have passed since you joined our little family!  You are the most happy, chubby, roll-filled, boy.  You are crawling (backwards only!) and you love your exersaucer.  Mackenzie absolutely loves making you laugh (how do you think we got this awesome shot of you?  You are so big, and I can't wait to see how you use your height to your advantage in the future (intimidating Mommy and Daddy better be out of the picture!).  You still love to eat (anything!)  and you sleep through the night.  We try to give you the nightcap bottle between 10-11 to keep you down until 8:00 or so (did I mention that you like to eat?)  I always struggle with taking your pictures on time, but the seven month pictures will be up soon!  Your laugh is hilarious- almost like a gasp for air.  I love watching you when we're out in the wind.  You can't catch your breath and you get all flustered.  It's so cute.  You are such a fun, mommy-loving boy. 

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