Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sugar Detox Begins Tomorrow!

Well, here we go.  Tomorrow, I will begin my sugar detox.  I gave up caffeine a week ago.  Day 1 was absolutely, positively AWFUL.  Not only was it the final three days of school, but I was up most of the night preparing gifts and my end of the year movie for my students.  Not fun.  My migraine lasted most of the day and evening.  By Day 2, thankfully, the headache had gone, but I was dragging, after two nights without much sleep, I really needed coffee or a Diet Coke.  By Day 4, I really didn't miss it.  I know that caffeine is going to be much easier to cut out than all of the other crap I eat.  I also was able to get by not indulging in a soda by eating something else, especially sweets.  I don't know what I'll do without both.  So, here goes nothing.  I'm sure there will be many posts about how miserable I am, but hopefully it will jump start some healthy eating!!!!

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