Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Day...

Yesterday, we had a garage sale in our neighborhood. I think that it's safe to say we made out pretty well. I sold a little under $100 and my sister mom and I made over $360 combined. I was just happy to clean out the basement! I was shocked at how many people came. There was one very cute visitor! Elizabeth and her baby Reiley came looking for some stuff and it was so nice to see them.

Last night, I went to a party after Brew Fest, which I was happy I didn't attend (I don't think I have the liver for that anymore!)

Back at work today at my second job. I'm trying to stash away some money. Not sure what I'm saving for, but I guess it's still worth saving.... I'll think of something soon!

Eric' s leaving tonight for a tournament down the shore.... I hate sleeping alone :(


Rebecca said...

I just read your last're right...there is no right time. My husband used to be like that and somehow I got enough of our male friends to tell him that there is no right time and he came around. I think it's very scary for men to deal with all of this when we've known all along that this is what we wanted. Good luck!

PS - I just started following, so it'll take me a while to get caught up!

Elizabeth said...

Sleeping alone is def. no fun but just think you can toss and turn all you want, the WHOLE bed is yours! Sometimes it is nice to have a good sound sleep without someone waking you up!

It was great to see you and we will have to get together soon. I wanted to stop by when we were leaving but there were all these people at your place.

I agree with you, you are happy that others are happy about being pregnant but it is very hard when you want to be as well. We tried for a while (felt like YEARS) and friends around me were getting pregnant. I was soo happy for them but I could only hear soo much. It will happen!!!