Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Friends

If John McCain uses the term "My friends" in another interview or town hall meeting, I might just stop watching TV altogether....

Anyway, my friends, things are going well. I've been able to focus more on my job and being a good teacher. I asked to be observed today, so I'll be teaching all afternoon, as opposed to my student teacher, who will be thankful of the relief. So, I've taken to becoming an obsessive cleaner. Last night I was on my hands and knees in the closet trying to sort through things.... I'm pretty sure my husband things I'm psychotic. Some times I'm actually convinced that he's right.

Well, my whole wheat bagel is finished in the toaster oven.... I assume no one else is going to put the peanut butter on it for me! Better get to work!

Have a wonderful day :)


Rebecca said...

Good luck with the observation...I never minded them...I thought they were fun (demented, I know). Glad to see things are better with your blog!

Elizabeth said...

I agree, I loved having another pair of eyes in the classroom to help me sort through things...good luck!