Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Shots?

So I went to the Doctor last night for the Gardasil Cervical Cancer vaccine. When I arrived, I sat nervously in the waiting room wondering if it was okay to get this knowing that I hadn't had my period yet. So, when I went in, they asked when the date of my last period was, and I explained.... so, then the Doctor came in and told me that she didn't feel comfortable giving me the shot, so I had to go home and come back if I get my period.... fine, I completely understand..... but now I'm psychotic!!! I just wish it would be one way or the other already!!! I'd really like to either get on with my life, or contain my excitement and get on with pregnancy. I poas again last night and nothing, but then again that's why the Doctor wouldn't give me a test.... because it's too early. Some spotting yesterday, but it was really light and now it was gone.... keep your fingers crossed!

My aunt and uncle are coming this weekend for my grandmother. It should be nice to see everyone.

Wear your PHILLIES spirit today!!! WORLD SERIES!!!

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Rebecca said...

Finger crossed for redder and heavier...Go Phils...that's for my husband...I'm a Yankees girl!