Monday, October 13, 2008


My grandmother started dialysis for her failing kidneys today. The implanted the shunt in her neck and she will likely be on dialysis for 3 days/week for the rest of her life. Because of the time and involvement this causes (4 hours at a time!) she cannot go home. Although this may sound like bad news, it's not. She's not really that great at taking care of herself anymore and nor should she. She will be at Brandywine Assisted Living which is basically like a fabulous resort so that she'll enjoy her life and my mom can rest easy at night. We're hoping everything works just as planned.

My sister and I did yoga and meditation tonight. It was very different than I'm used to. I liked parts and couldn't focus like I was supposed to during other parts. The yoga was definitely hard.

Anyway, that's it for now.... I'll keep you updated about everything when something happens.... but for now we wait.... and meditate!

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